Willow Brook Farm, LLC
Welcome to Willow Brook Farm
Our goal and purpose is to facilitate equine education for both horse and rider using a
combination of classical horsemanship and good old fashion horse sense. Providing
opportunities to explore the various equine disciplines and achieve your personal
equestrian dreams. Horses and riders will enjoy a relaxed mountain atmosphere, where
you can clear your mind and train on over 60 acres located in Plainfield, NH just minutes
from Dartmouth College and Interstates I-91 & I-89.
Lover's Lake 2009 Woodbine Race Track
Ontario Canada
We are an equine boarding facility,
specializing in custom care and
training specific to each individual's
equestrian pursuits and goals.
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462 Willow Brook Road
Plainfield, NH 03781
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News Up-Dates:

October 23rd
       Introductory Weekend with Lindsy Danforth

October 29th Open House Trick or Treat Clinic
       Check out our facebook page for details

Lessons by Appointment Private or group

Equestrian Fitness Classes
Side Saddle lessons & workshop

Healthy Rider Classes - guided relaxation               
Horse Therapy

Winter Camps 2016/2017 Sign-ups

Pole Dancing - Group class for a supple horse

Horse Racing Partnerships (Call for Details)
Usui Reiki Class I Certification  Class

New Facebook Page
New Footing in the Indoor Arena

Sign Up for Equine Affair 2016 November